Medical Management is what we do, but more importantly, it is all we do.  Our only purpose is to help physicians develop and enhance their reputation, build their practice, and expand their revenue stream. That's it.  

In today's political and economic environment, it is getting harder for family physicians and specialists to earn a reasonable living on only their clinical practice.  Performing Independent Medical Evaluations or Expert Medical Consulting services is an excellent way to add revenue and diversify your practice.  Unfortunately, most physicians lack the time or the resources to do so, and more importantly, to do so with the same dedication and professionalism you bring to your patients. 

That is where Barrus Healthcare and Medical Management comes in.  By retaining Barrus to manage your assessment and consulting practice, it frees you to focus on the assessment and the patient, while we take care of the rest. Scheduling, invoicing, and other administrative headaches that take up time or your other clinic staff's resources are handled seamlessly. And more time on your side means a better work-life balance. 

Most importantly, however, by working with Barrus, you can be confident that you have the best team in the business on your side. Our reputation is the best in the industry and the breadth of our services is unparalleled. 



How does an insurance company, employer, lawyer or other client in need of independent medical expertise know that they are getting the best quality assessments and reports, and the best value for their dollar?  They use physicians represented by Barrus. 

Many physicians try to do it all themselves, and the quality of their work suffers, and they start to fall behind on deadlines.  There is no worse situation for a client than realizing at arbitration that the report they are relying on is missing a vital piece of information, because their expert physician was overworked, or because they were too busy managing their practice that they cut corners on the report.

Nobody is perfect, but the physicians that work with Barrus come close. Because when a physician is able to focus exclusively on the medical aspects of the assessment, and has an expert quality assurance team backing them up, those mistakes aren't made. We stand behind every physician and specialist that we represent and our sole job is to ensure that they are the very best at what they do. 

Similarly, there are often physicians out there who are experts in their field and would be real assets to a client, yet they don't have the time or resources to take on medical consulting work. We make it easy for the best physicians in their field to provide these services without compromising the other aspects of their life. We also make it so that in the instance that an appearance at arbitration or in court is required, physicians represented by Barrus are prepared, and have the time desire to attend.  




Reliability                            Excellence


To help physicians enhance their reputation, diversify their practice, and generate additional revenues outside of the public healthcare system.

To provide cost effective, yet top level solutions to both physicians and clients, to improve the overall quality and consistency of the medical assessment industry.

To build strong and lasting relationships between physicians and clients based on communication and transparency. 


To ultimately change the nature of the way the independent medical assessment industry works, to the betterment of all. 


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