At Barrus, we have a team of experienced professionals with a combined 50 years of experience in managing the needs of physicians and specialists. With an already extensive roster of physicians, we have a track record for performance and client satisfaction that is unmatched.  Most physicians have their existing office staff or hire a med student or other assistant to perform administrative and management duties for their Independent Assessment Practice, but we can do so much more. 


By hiring a firm to handle your management needs, you get 10 times the benefit of hiring an individual.  An assistant or staff member will inevitably want vacation or time off, or get sick and leave you stranded. With Barrus, you have a dedicated team ready to handle your business 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Each physician who works with Barrus gets a dedicated Team Leader, who is your personal contact and is responsible for ensuring that your work and needs are handled professionally and efficiently.  But if your Team Leader is away, we have experienced people ready to step in and fill their shoes. And beyond that, our staffing framework is set up to ensure that the resources you need are always available to you, no matter how busy you (or we) may be. 


At Barrus, we have services packages that work for you, and within your budget, but ultimately you can be assured that we can take you and your Independent Assessment Practice from start to finish. We provide scheduling, dictation and typing, documentation review, quality assurance and editing, billing and invoicing, book-keeping and report tracking, and so much more.  We can even have your Team Leader or another qualified staff member act as your Personal Assistant while performing your Independent Assessments.  Your PA can be present to do intake and form completion, history taking and note-taking during your examination, chaperone, complete post-assessment surveys, and scan and file your assessment notes.  All the tasks that your office staff either hate doing or simply don't have any time for, we do gladly.


One of the most difficult and time consuming aspects of maintaining an Independent Assessment Practice is developing your reputation and expertise, and obtaining a strong referral base.  By having Barrus represent you, we can use our existing network of clients, including insurers, legal firms, and network assessment centres, to build your practice.  You also get the benefit of having a known commodity representing you; when we approach a client on your behalf, they can be confident knowing that the Barrus Team is backing you, and we guarantee any physician working with us will provide the highest quality work on time, and meeting today's exacting standards. 


Keeping track of your books, including taxes and accounts receivable, is an onerous task at the best of times. The focus of your assessment practice should be on the medical assessment, not on keeping track of whether a client has paid you. Included in our packages, we handle all of the financial tracking for your practice, from start to finish. With our cloud based invoicing and book-keeping software, it not only saves you time and money, but makes the year-end accounting easier too; which further saves costs on outside accountant fees. With our fees for financial management incorporated into the other assessment service packages, we keep your expense to a minimum.